Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Frog legs, freezing and all things France.


Have you ever seen a frogs leg? They have  a very similar muscle structure to humans. Check it out.

Yeah…we had to coat those babies, deep fry them and eat them at school. Truth, they taste kind of like chicken. However I could not get over the idea that I was gnawing on a human leg, therefore I could only eat one bite.


Chance of Rain47 °F

Chance of Rain

30% chance of precipitation

Fall is officially here and it has brought rain and much colder temperatures. I am really loving it though. Cold and overcast is wonderful to me. Remind me I said that in January and February.

And last but of course not least. Lately I have been obsessed with the idea of traveling to France. We are hopefully going next summer, but I am getting antsy. Reading blogs like this one don’t help the matter much. I have gotten a Learn French for Beginners course from the library and I am looking forward to learning some new French words.

Hope your fall is starting out wonderful!

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