Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Boy did I get my miles in today.

5 running

14 biking

I'm pooped and according to my Garmin, I burned 1400 calories.
I'm going to go eat some food.

Two things Tuesday

1. I was going to write about this when it happened but it was a little to fresh. Saturday night after a long day of Missy's wedding, beach in Holland and back home. We were sitting around not doing to much and I decided to check our bank account. Bad idea. I freaked out. Well, it was more of a major meltdown. Contributing factors- bank statement, no future jobs yet for Portland, missing my family, tired. I cried for a long time, and Eric was there to just hold me and brush my hair (girls you know what I'm talking about). We ended up having a LONG wonderful talk, didn't get to bed until well past midnight and it was really nice. I am so thankful for him.

2. I got my new iPhone so I am going to go play with it. I have already dropped it. =o( Nothing broken, just scared the crap out of me. I need to be more careful...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A wedding.

Missy and Josh got married this weekend.
It was such a gorgeous wedding-I am so glad we were still here to attend.


Haha. I love this arrival.

They cut a really big piece.

Bouquet toss-so focused.
Garter removal
I was a really great time, and I will miss seeing Missy when she comes home for breaks. I need to convince them that they need to visit us in Portland!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cherry Picking

Cherry pitting

Maybe the best invention ever

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


1. We are basically done ridding our house of crap we don't need. We have to take a couple loads over to a friends house-he is taking most of the furniture. AND of course there are things we aren't taking that we can't get rid of until a little closer to due day. Which by the way is in 44 days. Yikes. To long and to short all at the same time.
2. I have run for the past three days straight totaling 12 miles. That's more than I have ever run consecutively. And I'm scheduled for a 5-6 miler tonight. I'm waiting for the sun to go down a little more though.
3. I watched shutter island the other night and really enjoyed it.
4. I just found out tonight at our co-op pickup that strawberries are basically done. They never really came in season what with the heat and then what few there were have died because of all the major rain we have gotten recently. Boo. They might by my favorite fruit.
5. I am saving the best for last.
This baby will be mine as soon as they ship it to me. =o) I am so excited. And I am also now one of those people. You know who I am talking about. Judge me if you wish but I have been wanting one since they came out and have waited this long!! I'm not even getting a brand spanking new one. Refurbished 16GB 3Gs. Cheaper and just as good.
6. Ok time to run. Or maybe I'll just stare at this above picture a little more. =o)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick two things tuesday

1. We had a HUGE thunderstorm last night. I love thunderstorms. However last night I must have been really tired because I woke up at 1:30 for about....3 minutes? Heard Eric say something about tornado warning, and promptly fell back asleep. =o)

2. I have a blister on both of my arches from running. Actually I think it's from running in cheap socks. I tried to do my normal 4 miles this morning but this blisters hurt so bad I ended up calling it quits at 3. Boo.

We have James' birthday dinner tonight and I am running out the door to go to work so this was short and sweet. I'll post something longer tomorrow. Have a good day!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I wonder if I will be lonely when I get to Portland?
I know we will make new friends but in that time frame before we do...I bet I will be lonely.
Thank God for text messages, phone calls, Skype and social media.
I never thought I would see the day where I was thankful for Facebook but it's going to be a lifesaver I think. I'll be able to keep up with people, see photos, and maybe, just maybe feel like I'm still here. Close by.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apartment news

We got the apartment.

Whoa calm down!!! Ok get excited!
Ok calm down.
Back to excited!
And back to calm.
Your enthusiasm is outstanding!
Thanks for getting so excited for us.

Here's the deal. I am going to post photos of the apartment. I will probably be looking at these photos every day for the next month.
Yes I said every day.

However be forewarned. This apartment is small. I know it's small. We have been told by numerous people that it's small.
Here's the thing though...Eric and I don't have a lot of stuff. In fact besides clothes...we will be able to fit all of our earthy belongings in the back in a VW Jetta trunk in a month.
We are learning to do a lot with a little and you know what? It's awesome. You should try it.

With that being said, here is our future apartment.

Isn't it the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Yes, that is the whole apartment.
I can't even begin to tell you how many decorating thoughts are going through my head.
Yes, of course I will share them with you!
Just not tonight because I'm going to go play on Ikea's website.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello world!

All this excitment over our hopefully new apartment made my brain turn to mush and I totally forgot about two things tuesday!!


Well here it is and just pretend it's tuesday. =o)

1. People who don't pull to the side for an emergency vehicle. Do you honestly think your need to get to the store/work/home/appointment is more important than letting the police car/ambulance/fire truck get to the emergency? People could be dying or seriously hurt. There could be a robbery or murder that just took place, or someone's house could be burning down and you won't pull over to let the emergency vehicle pass? Are you kidding me?? You need to realize not only is it the law but it should be common sense to move to the side of the road.

2. I am starting to get really sick of this cloudy muggy weather. I don't mind the clouds, I don't mind the mugginess but I really don't like them together. Could we work on a little sun God? Or maybe just some nice cool rain storms? Must we have hot muggy storms that make my hair stand up straight and frizz like it's nobody's business? I know it's not all about me but I think I speak for at least three people when I ask for this weather to change. =o)

Ok. There it is. Btw-We are basically almost done eliminating stuff from our apartment. Now I just need to figure out a way to get it to Goodwill. I need a truck...and some serious muscles.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I am in love with this right now!

Oh and this.

Oh my word I need this.

And if you had to throw this in the mix...that'd be ok to.

=o) My new apartment that I'm not even sure we have yet is already decorated.

Now I just need some money...

Hi there!!

We think we found an apartment!

Pray, Pray, Pray it works out!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Sunday in photos


This is out of order-Eric worked on my bike.
When we came home from church we both felt super lazy and crashed back into bed to watch a movie.
Then got our second wind and decided to do some packing.

Eric helped me get rid of clothes I don't wear/need from my closet. SO nice!

Three complete ready to ship boxes.
Dinner time
Lettuce bath anyone?
Millet, green bean, tempeh stir fry...bok choy...corn on the cob...salad...beer.

Now we're back relaxing in bed. What a productive day!