Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goals 2012


Yesterday I mentioned our 2012 goals. Today I thought I would post some of them. I’m not going to put all of them on here cause some are pretty personal, but I will share a few.



Do the 3-4 velodirt rides

· Dalles Mountain 60

· Rapture

· Oregon Stampede

· Anti-Crostt

Do >50% of Oregon Endurance Series

· Hood River, OR

· Sandy Ridge, OR

· Bend, Or

· Oakridge, OR

Do 50km SOB run

Resolve knee issues

Play violin more

Sew pants

Save 10% of our income



Run 50km Ultra July 2012

Strength train 3x week

Yoga it up

Cook 5x a week with healthy nutritious food

Find a job I love after graduation in April

Camp 10x this year

Hike 1x a month at least

Read two books a month

Get another tattoo


Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuff vs Adventure


I should be writing a paper on food culture. I should be doing laundry, cleaning, dishes and probably showering. Instead I am updating my long lost blog and doing some thinking.

2012. The year of adventure.

As Eric and I were discussing our goals for this year, a common theme ran through them. Travel. Explore. Fitness. Adventure. We live in the Pacific NW! There is so much to discover and do here. We both regretted not doing nearly enough last year. This year, that will change.

I’m talking camping, hiking, running, bouldering, site seeing and so, so much more!

I’m done with spending my money on stuff that I only appreciate for a short time. I’d much rather be spending my money on gas to get places, camp sites for the night, park passes and food for the road.

2012! Here we go!

Also…watch this video.