Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goals 2012


Yesterday I mentioned our 2012 goals. Today I thought I would post some of them. I’m not going to put all of them on here cause some are pretty personal, but I will share a few.



Do the 3-4 velodirt rides

· Dalles Mountain 60

· Rapture

· Oregon Stampede

· Anti-Crostt

Do >50% of Oregon Endurance Series

· Hood River, OR

· Sandy Ridge, OR

· Bend, Or

· Oakridge, OR

Do 50km SOB run

Resolve knee issues

Play violin more

Sew pants

Save 10% of our income



Run 50km Ultra July 2012

Strength train 3x week

Yoga it up

Cook 5x a week with healthy nutritious food

Find a job I love after graduation in April

Camp 10x this year

Hike 1x a month at least

Read two books a month

Get another tattoo


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