Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goal Setting part 2


Remember that post I wrote a few weeks back about goal setting? If not, here it is again.

Well I subscribe to the Lululemon blog on my google reader, and they recently wrote a post about setting goals that I loved reading. I thought I would copy and paste some of it here, but please visit their site to read the full article. It’s got some really good info on it.

1. Possibility

Set visions & goals in possibility and that are beyond what is likely to happen.

2. Vision

Your vision for your ideal life will drive your goals.

3. Balance

It is important to balance your vision & goals in the major domains of your life.

4. Audacity

Be bold and set goals that are a challenge for you.

5. Format

Formatting your goals in the correct way gives you the greatest likelihood of achieving them.

6. Integrity

Once your goals are set, consider how you incorporate them into your daily life to achieve them.

Here is the link. And really, go check it out and read the full article. I have downloaded their goal sheet and am trying to work on some of it. It’s hard to figure out where I want to be in 10 years, but something that I think I need.

People keep asking me what I want to do when I graduate Culinary School and I usually just tell them that I don’t know yet. Maybe I will just carry about my goal sheet and show it to them next time I am asked. ha. 

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