Friday, August 5, 2011

Injury city


I am having a really tough go of it over here. Everytime I turn around I am really hurting myself. First on Saturday, we had this.


The on Monday, I did this with my bike pedal.

photo (15)

Yeah, that hurt. Then tonight I did this.

photo (14)

No bloody photo because it was bleeding so bad that I needed to get a band aide on it asap. It’s pretty deep to…but I don’t think deep enough for stiches.  How did I do that one?

photo (13)

Get the picture? This is pretty frustrating because I can’t bike really well with the knee injury, it pulls the skin that is scabbed over and makes it bleed. I can’t run with the ankle injury because my shoes rub on the cut and make it bleed. And now I can’t do any downward dogs because my hand aches.

I am a mess.

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