Friday, May 21, 2010

I ate WAY to much food.

I had a really great birthday! And I don't really have any pictures to prove it.
The day started out with me sleeping in-awesome!! Letting Jillian Michaels kick my butt, then I picked up panera and brought it to Eric's work so I could have someone to eat lunch with. haha. I'm pathetic I know.
After lunch I went and worked on the garden for a couple hours. I succeeded in giving myself a nice lil burn on my back and a REALLY sore backside from doing squats for 2+hours.
Then I picked Eric up from work and we headed to the Co-op to get our monthly food order. SO busy because we went right when it started at 6 and there were tons of people there but it was nice to see that it's doing so well.
After that we hurried over to the Newton's to stash our food and change for dinner. Eric had made plans at Bistro Bella Vida! We went there two years ago for my birthday and it was good....but I had ordered something I wouldn't usually order so I think that put my off. This time I got food I knew I would like and it was AMAZING. SO good!
I didn't take pictures of what we ate because that's not how I roll.
But you will have to trust me that it was good. We had an appetizer, entrees, drinks, and a desert. ( this is just the beginning of the food consumption)
That's not all folks! After dinner we went to The Greenwell for drinks and second desert. haha.

Then we finally came home. And could barely make it up the stairs because we were SO full. Totally worth it though.

So that was Wednesday.
On Thursday (still with me?) my mom came into town and she took me to the Real Food Cafe for breakfast-which if you have been there, you would know how much food you get! I was still pretty full from the night before so I only ate about 1/3 of my food.
Then not much happened all afternoon, no lunch. Couldn't even think about it.

I met Greg and Eric downtown because Greg was going to look for a bike at our favorite bike shop, Commute. He found one (pics later) and then we were off to dinner with Eric's parents.
Back to the Greenwell because, well it's such good food and a great atmosphere.
Another FULL big meal. Came back home and was asleep within...20 minutes. haha. Eating must really take it out of me.

Now I have to work, no time for a run which is what I really want to do to burn off these past two days. Birthday's are great aren't they?!

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