Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here's something..

It will be my birthday in two days.
23 is not a big birthday and won't feel any different.
I have been celebrating my "birthday week" all week by bringing in things to school.
Monday I made cookies to bring, today I brought my second favorite flavor of m&m's (peanut butter) and tomorrow I am going to bring watermelon.
I wish birthdays were celebrated more.
It's the celebration of the day you were born for crying out loud. It's kind of a big deal.

In other news. I am loving on this song and this song.

Listen to them. Thank me later.


  1. I've always believed that birthdays are a big deal. Every girl should get to be queen for a day, (Is that still okay to say?) and it's pretty cool to know that God planned you from the beginning of time, to be born exactly when you were, as you were, to become who you are. And that is something worth celebrating, no matter what number you have become. I know I'll be remembering and celebrating on your birthday.

  2. Great music choices this week! Happy early birthday. Hope you guys are doing well.