Sunday, May 22, 2011


It seems like the weather here doesn't want us to have nice weekends.
During the week we are blessed with 70+ sunny perfect days, but as soon as the weekend rolls around, the clouds come in and it gets cold.

We tried to take advantage of the 60 cloudy day yesterday by running all of our errands at once. That way, when today hit (55, cloudy and windy) we could stay inside and do exciting things like laundry and homework.

The day started out with my attempt at a long run. I was on deck for 13 miles, so we thought I could run to a farmers market that is 8 miles outside of town, shop and then I would run home.
Turns out after you stop running to eat and browse, your not that motivated to run home. Ah, who knew. So instead we took the bus back. ha.

We got this HUGE omelette to share at the farmers market.

Yeah, we hated it. =o)
This market was huge for fun vendors and lot's of yummy food!
New sports bra=excitement! Eric doesn't like the color though. What's wrong with purple tie-dye??
We spent part of our afternoon at Powell's books browsing, drooling and trying to figure out how I want to spend my birthday money.
And we finished off our night with a scrabble game that we both sucked at, and delicious beers.

I love the weekend.

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