Friday, January 14, 2011


Not much going on here lately. Job searching like its my job. haha...

I'm really getting tired of applying to places and then going in to meet and greet and hearing that the position is already filled. Please, if you have filled a position, take it off your website. I'm just saying. It's very frustrating and I have already experienced it 4 times this week.

In other news. Eric has finally joined the masses.

Yes he is now a proud (or not so proud) member of LA Fitness. I have been going for the past couple of months and just recently started to do more strength training and I'm really starting to notice a difference. I'm hoping we can get Eric there as well.

Also, I have been going to yoga about three times a week, and now Eric is coming with me and it's really great. A nice way to spend our evenings.

I also just bought this thing...

It's a foam roller. My hamstrings/calves/hips have been so very sore since I started my training plan and I could go to the gym and use their foam roller, but having to go there after every run is stupid, so for $15 bucks, I bought my own. Excited to use it tonight. That and soaking in the hot tub at the gym are my preparations for tomorrows 14 miler. Yikes.

In other news. I just ate about half the batch of this cookie dough.
Nothing like not having a job to increase the boredom eating. ARGH.

And finally. Look at this forecast.
Sorry its so small, but besides the rain...hello warm temps!! It's currently 55 out. I love it. Although now I remember why I like running in the winter. Sweat city.

I guess that's all. Oh, I miss my family. The End.

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