Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today I had two interviews.
One was a follow up interview at New Seasons market. I had previously interviewed with them last week on Saturday.
The other was for a cooking school downtown that has a retail store front.

I think both of the interviews went really well. I felt confident, and calm. Not really nervous at all.

Here's the problem. I want to work at both places for totally different reasons.
And I don't know what to do if they both give me an offer.

See, I would like to work at New Seasons because they are a local market that is just like Whole Foods but better. They pay the better out of the two, and there is a lot of opportunity to move up there. HOWEVER, the job I might be offered is a temporary position with a chance to be hired in after the holidays. Not a guarantee though. Also, there is no promise of a certain amount of hours. The manager today eluded to the fact that I would work from 2-5 days a week. Always on the weekends.
Last thing..it's 45-50 min out of town. And I would mostly be working the night shift which would get me home around midnight.

The reason I want to work at the cooking school is, duh..it's a cooking school. I would be able to listen in on the classes and learn more. It's so close to our house. Literally 1 mile. The hours are 10-6 which are awesome. And it's a guaranteed 25-30 hour a week thing. HOWEVER, it only pays $8.40 with a possibility of a raise after 30 days. It would be working in the retail atmosphere-so trying to stay busy, cleaning, straightening. Also, no real chance to move up in the company. Retail is it.

DILEMMA!!! Argh, what do I do?
Now this is saying they both offer me a position, which I know might not happen, but I'm trying to plan for best/worst case scenario.

Yikes. I need to pray on this big time.

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