Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first day

I started work yesterday.
I think it went pretty well. It's different than anything I have done.
In a nut shell, I make sure the store looks good. Ok, I'm basically the janitor.
I clean the bathrooms, the dining area, sweep the floor, get carts, bag groceries take things out to people's cars, take out the trash and compost...and lots more.

It's not a bad job, it's just not one I want to stay in forever. Def a good way to get into the company though.
Yesterday was tough because I have been trying to fight off a cold and I was all sneezy and coughy yesterday. Yes, those are now words. I think I slept 11ish hours last night, and I still feel gross and tired today.

What is making me feel better-these pretty awesome gingersnaps we are making. OVERLOAD on the ginger, but not in a gross way. You just know your eating ginger.

Eric had a job interview on Monday, and we have yet to hear back anything. When he left, the HR lady was already gone, so he doesn't know when to look for a call or anything. I guess we are just hoping the end of the week.

Ok, I'm off to rest up before I head to work. 3-11 today, and 3-11 tomorrow. Yikes!

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