Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have a new friend.
Her name is Janette.
She has her nail technician license.
She took me and another friend to a salon store that sells the products you find in salons at cost or below.
She was buying hair dye, but I went along for the ride.
I found some gorgeous nail polish that was 50% less than in the store,but the exact same product.

However, upon coming home, I realized that I am obsessed with a particular color.
Yes, that is the EXACT same color by three different brands.
I bought the one in the middle today.

I also bought this gorgeous color that I am going to be putting on my nails tonight.

In other non girlie news. I start my job tomorrow.
Well, I have orientation...which is basically starting the job.
I am pretty nervous, but also really excited.

Oh, one more thing! Eric has a job interview on Monday. 2:30!

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