Monday, July 25, 2011

More Apartment stuff


We went and chatted with the Landlord yesterday about our new apartment. She gave us the ok to paint and to let Eric do some home brewing! We took some photos and some measurements and now it’ just wait time until we move. Hopefully the weekend of August 13th!

In the meantime, we bought a couch that is now strategically placed in our ridiculously tiny studio. Long story, but we ended up getting this couch in black from someone on craigslist, for half Ikea’s selling price. ektorp-loveseat-and-chaise-lounge__0107785_PE257558_S4

It is so comfortable and I’m pretty excited about it!

We also swung by Home Depot to pick up some paint samples…and I am even more confused than before. ha. To many choices!

Here are some that I have found online that I really like.






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