Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A wake up call

I got some startling news back yesterday. Well…let me back up a sec. I have been seeing an acupunturist for the past month or so, and right before we left for Vancouver, I went in to get some blood work done. Checking different things like thyroid, cholesterol, hormone levels, things like that.

Well, I got the results back yesterday and lets just say they leave a lot to be desired. I am off the charts low in some areas and high in others. Actually, there wasn’t much good news in the blood work. Well, besides the fact that everything can be fixed and I’m not going to die.

I thought I ate a pretty good diet, but turns out there are things I could work on. I have been advised to cut out sugar, (goodbye Fro-Yo) reduce my wheat intake, up my protein like whoa, and ease back on dairy (not that I was eating that a lot anyways).

I am taking a whole slew of herbs and supplements. 7 to be exact. Two to three times a day.

After my half marathon race on Saturday, I have been advised to slow down my training, run at a much slower pace to lower my heart rate and take life a little bit easier until I get things leveled out again.

I was talking to my mom and Eric about how nice it feels to know that there is something medically wrong, and it’s not just all in my head. I have a treatment plan, a course of action and I’m excited to start feeling completely like myself again.

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