Friday, July 22, 2011


We got the apartment that our friend is moving out of! This is a huge weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. Not only is this place double our current size (so many 500-600 sq ft) but it’s cheaper! And it’s in a great neighborhood.

I’m really, really excited. The only downside, is the kitchen is still sub par. Yes, it’s bigger than our current kitchen, but it has kind of a crappy stove and it’s still pretty small.

I think Eric is not as excited about this new place as I am. I think he was hoping we would get into a newer building with nice appliances and a big kitchen. Thing is, with our budget we can’t afford that kind of place. And after really talking it out this morning we decided to go ahead and take this apartment and enjoy the things we really like about it.

And since we will be spending less, we will have extra money each month for things like home brewing, bikes crap (ha), TRAVEL, savings…etc.

I would take photos, but since our friend currently lives in the apartment, that would be weird. Basically, it’s a one bedroom/studio. There is room for a couch and a blowup mattress in the living room, and we have a semi-private bedroom. Meaning it’s a different room, but it has no door. Hello curtain!

So all day instead of doing homework (oops, but seriously, who does homework on a Friday anyways??) I have been perusing decorating sites.

See, I would really like to make this new place feel like we live there. The place we are in now is so nice, and I really love it, but it kind of feels like since it’s so small, that we just threw some furniture in it and called it good. In our new place, I would like to put art on the walls and actually spend some time thinking about what to put where…and maybe we could even paint. I doubt it, but you never know until you ask.

As I am browsing the internet, I am trying to save some photos to use as inspiration for decorating. Now, I am NOT a decorating genius, actually…I know nothing about decorating, but I’m trying to give it a go. Here are some of my favorite ideas. And no, our apartment does not look anything like these pictures. I wish. ha.


Love these colors.



I am really loving the yellow


I am sensing a theme. Yellow, green, turquoise (and I had to spell check that word)

Yay! Happy decorating to me!

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