Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meijer your killing me

There is this tea that I absolutely love.
I found it at Whole Foods in Portland on our trip this winter.
And then again at the Whole Foods trip that we took to Ann Arbor a little while ago.

Eric and I were grocery shopping a couple nights ago at this newer Meijer in Cascade. They have ton's more organic products, their produce is better, you can get your beer by the bottle and create your own six pack,
-and basically everything is better there.
I was walking to grab some sparkling water and I noticed this.
It's the tea. The one that I get from WF.
You would think I might be excited about this...that now I can just get my tea from Meijer...but I'm not.
They are slowly taking away my need to go to Whole Foods by carrying more and more of the products that I usually buy at WF.
But Meijer will never be like WF, they are not even close to being cool enough. Even if they do carry some of the same stuff.

I miss Whole Food's now.

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