Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My struggles

Here is something that I/we are struggling with.
We want to move to Portland this summer. We would like to move the beginning of July. We would like to move whether or not we have jobs. That right there is our struggle. We of course are going to be looking for jobs over the next three months, however in my case I will probably just be getting something retail related-meaning find it when I get there because you can't really plan ahead for a retail job.

Eric on the other hand will be graduated with this Engineering degree and will be looking for an engineering job. He would ideally like to be in the bike industry but those jobs are REALLY heard to get into with no experience. So I guess he will just be looking for any engineering job. But that also is a dilemma because how will he know if he wants to work for a certain company if we know nothing about the company because we are here. And would they really hire someone who is a thousand miles away as opposed to someone who already lives in the city.
And then there is the possibility that he won't find an engineering job. We have talked about him take a job at a local bike shop so that he can just get the experience that he needs to get into the bike industry. But that's more of a retail thing and like I said it's so hard to plan ahead for those.

Now, another thing on our minds is the idea that we will set a date, pack up our belongings and move no matter if we have jobs or not. I want to know if that is an act of stepping out on Faith or if it's naive and foolish? We have enough money saved that we would possibly live for a few months without working which would buy us time.
This is what I want to do. I want to just say that we will try to find work until the date we set and if we don't have jobs, we will trust God to help us find work when we get there. I know in church all the time we talk about how do you know if something is God's will? I don't know if not finding jobs is God's way of saying don't go or if its His way of saying, go ahead and move and I will be there to help you.

Either way, we are still going to job hunt. So we might find jobs and this whole thing would be pointless-but if we don't, these are the thoughts I am having.

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