Sunday, April 25, 2010


Why do I always forget to blog on the weekends?
It always seems harder to sit down and type on the weekends even though I am not really anymore busy.

It also seems like it's so much harder to exercise on the weekends. Actually in general for me. It seems like I go one or two days in a row with super good workouts (5mile run, hour bike ride) and then I just burn out and don't feel like doing anything for two, three, four days! Not good. I am hoping now that Eric's school is wrapping up that he will be available to work out more with me.
I think I need a partner to keep my motivated and I have felt bad asking Eric to come with me lately because he has been so bogged down with school.

Eric's dad has been providing us with gifts from Costco.
Big boxes of Clif bars, pounds of walnuts, huge jars of salsa...and this bag of chips.


Well I'm off to clean my house and make some vegan cookies. We are having small group here tonight! Till we meet again...

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