Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our plan

Ok so here is the "Leaving Michigan Plan."

Eric and I would love to move in July. That is the idea time, however August 6th he has to be here to receive his diploma and present his senior project. He has to. There is no getting out of it. So because of that one day we won't be leaving until August 7th.

We discussed moving in July and then flying back in August for that one day, but since August is such a busy month for traveling the airfare is outrageous. Even Southwest wants upwards of two hundred bucks one way each. So unless Eric gets a job before hand (which he will be applying left and right) August 7th is the official date.

Three more months here? Sometimes the thought of that makes me want to pack a bag and fly away now. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a patient person so the thought that something is so just have to wait three more months for it is killing me.
I can do it though.
I think I can.
I might have a breakdown somewhere in June but then I will be fine.

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