Monday, November 1, 2010

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Yesterday Eric and I had a heart to heart, and we decided that I should join a gym.

I have been wanting to start taking yoga classes for years now, but it wasn’t until we moved to Portland that I really started to consider it as something I could do.

New city=new me. Well…I hope so at least.

All of the studios here are pretty expensive. Around $15 bucks a class or over $100 dollars a month for unlimited. That’s a steep price tag so I looked into joining LA Fitness. For about $9 bucks a week, I can take unlimited classes of all kinds, not just yoga AND of course use the weights, cardio machines, pool, sauna…etc.

Done and done! Today was my first day going and I am LOVING it.

When I first got there, I was so intimidated. I consider myself in pretty good shape, but there is something about walking into a room with very fit people working out hardcore that scares me a little. I texted Eric saying I was scared and he texted back that I would do great, and that was all I needed. I decided to just focus on me, my workout and enjoy. I did 35ish minutes on a machine I thought was an elliptical but quickly realized it wasn’t. haha. And then I went upstairs to a hour long yoga class.

I didn’t think I was going to make it the first half, but I did! Granted, I was starting to shake like a leaf on a windy day, but I stuck it out and I am so, so glad I did. I seriously felt like a billion dollars walking out. I think I was probably glowing.

I am super excited to go back tomorrow!! I think I am going to hit up a spin class as well as a yoga one tomorrow! Why not?

After the gym, I went to a knitting group with a new friend! I’m just starting to knit, and it’s nothing fancy…just going to be a neckwarmer/scarf thing but it was nice to talk to people that had been knitting for years and have made beautiful things!

And on the way home,  I got caught in a wicked rain storm and was soaked. Ah, Portland. I will learn to plan ahead!! It may just take me a couple more months!


Thank you rain storm. Notice the stripe, that’s where my bag was.


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