Sunday, November 28, 2010



We had a great Thanksgiving. It all started with pumpkin pancakes, eggs and bacon for Eric.


And what's a holiday without booze? We had delicious mimosas!





Then we relaxed, played on the computer, read..until we headed out to the movies. We saw Morning Glory, which was very cute.

Back to our house for dinner!



Now that’s a plate of food!


mmm…gotta love that bad lighting!

We finished up the evening with more lounging, computer time and show watching. It was a good day.


STARTING MONDAY-lot’s of changes. Ok, really only two.

I am starting the Vegan two month challenge. Basically just eating completely Vegan and see how I feel. Does it change some health problems? Do I feel more energized? Etc.…

SECONDLY-Over the weekend, Eric helped me come up with my Marathon training plan. Lord willing, I will complete a marathon by April 2011. Yikes. I am very scared and nervous that I won’t be able to do it, BUT I know Eric is there to kick me out the door on those 20 miles training runs.

So that’s it! I will post my training schedule soon. I’m so ready for tomorrow!

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