Thursday, December 2, 2010

And so it begins…


Marathon training that is. This was my first week. Weights, yoga and running. All in the training schedule.  Today I had a 5m tempo @8:40 run. It was hard! I woke up kind of nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Running 5m is no biggie, running them at a pace that is uncomfortable was the scary part.


Can you see that? It says, 5m @ 8:45 avg. NICE! I am so excited about that. I really think I was doubting myself about this training. Thinking there was no way I could do it. But little by little I am realizing, I am strong and in good shape! I can run a marathon…I just need to stick to my training sched.

Speaking of the schedule, I don’t know how to post it on my blog. I will try to get Eric to help with that!

I’m off to run to Target to get some new headphones. Ear buds do not want to stay in my ears while I’m bouncing around. ha.

Have a good Thursday!

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  1. I love the marshmellow headphones for running. They stay put and are comfortable: