Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lunch and other things

This is my lunch from yesterday. And I realize no one really cares about what I eat but it was so good I needed to share. Leftover lentil sloppy joe mix on my salad with almonds and nutritional yeast. No dressing because the sloppy joes totally took care of that. And a sweet potato covered in ketchup. We go through so much ketchup here. You would not believe it. And it's mostly my fault because I am addicted to the sweet potato ketchup combo. .

In other news, ever since my 17 (!!!!) mile run last Saturday, my achilles tendon has been really bothering me. So much so that when I went out to run yesterday, I had to turn back after a half a mile and I was kind of run limping. My sweet husband researched it and determind I have achilles tendonitis. So not what I need right now. I have 18 miles planned for Saturday and I do not want to have to take the day off. I'm trying to lay low for the next couple of days and see if that helps. Also I am going to switch back into my old running shoes for the 18miler and see if that will make a difference. In the mean time I bought some of these...
And I am hoping they help. Although ever since I put one on, I have only experienced the icy aspect. Where is my hot??

And lastly. It is so sunny today. I am loving it. I also love my green boots.
Which look brownish gross in this photo. Oh well. Happy Hump day!

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