Monday, February 28, 2011

We have been doing a lot of good eating lately. Yesterday we had brunch at Produce Row Cafe and I got a veggie scramble, honey wheat toast and the most delicious bowl of grits ever. I LOVE grits now. Must. Recreate. Soon!
We also hit up Voodoo Doughnuts. Sugar rush! This would be an apple fritter, peanut butter oreo donut and vegan plain covered in chocolate sauce. Yumm.
Last Saturday, Eric and I decided to bike everywhere we needed to go. A good decision except that it was 30 degrees and windy out. We rewarded ourself with lunch at Vita Cafe.
I had the three been chili, corn muffin and super grain salad. The chili was really good, the corn muffin was pretty dry. It seemed like it had been left in the oven to long? Because the bottom of it was really hard and brown. The salad was weird. So many flavors going on, and I don't think they worked together. It was lettuce, quinoa, guacamole, pepitas, currants and carrot ginger dressing. I like all of those things individually, but just not together in a salad.
Eric got the buffalo tofu wrap which was excellent. There was another half to it, but by the time I took the photo, he had already devoured it. Also unpictured was a big 'ol basket of fries which were thick and crispy. Delicious.
After lunch we swung next door to check out the Dovetail bakery. We split this chocolate covered sticky bun and some Kombucha.

Needless to say, we have not gone without a good meal in a long time. All the more reason I love Portland!

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