Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm still nursing this stupid tendinitis. But becuase I can't run outside I'm forced to look for ways to cross train. I swam a little last week, and even tried biking inside (which I hate btw) but the thing that seems to work the best for me is an elliptical type machine.

I like it because I can set the resistance and the cross ramp. So basically hill climb plus resistance. I usually do it on 10 cross ramp (20 is the max) and resistance around 8 (I'm not sure how high the resistance goes.) I know it's not exactly running because there is no impact but I'm hoping it will allow me to keep in some kind of running form.

Monday I covered 12 miles, Tuesday 6 and today 12 again. I feel like I can go a lot longer on this than if I was actually running because it's easier on the body. There is almost no upper body swing if your holding on...I try to pump my arms though.

It's also really nice that our gym has a tv attached to the front of it and you can plug in your headphones. All the being said, I'm really missing running. I get bored very quickly at the gym so it's a struggle to stay there for the 1.5+hour it takes to get higher mileage.

I'm hoping to get some kind of run in this weekend. Since I had to skip last weekends long run of 18 miles, this week is supposed to be 12. I hope to be able to accomplish that, but we will see. I might be readjusting my goal time for this marathon. I refuse to give up the idea of running it.

Pray for me to heal!

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