Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two things Tuesday

1. I was going to write about this when it happened but it was a little to fresh. Saturday night after a long day of Missy's wedding, beach in Holland and back home. We were sitting around not doing to much and I decided to check our bank account. Bad idea. I freaked out. Well, it was more of a major meltdown. Contributing factors- bank statement, no future jobs yet for Portland, missing my family, tired. I cried for a long time, and Eric was there to just hold me and brush my hair (girls you know what I'm talking about). We ended up having a LONG wonderful talk, didn't get to bed until well past midnight and it was really nice. I am so thankful for him.

2. I got my new iPhone so I am going to go play with it. I have already dropped it. =o( Nothing broken, just scared the crap out of me. I need to be more careful...

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