Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running-the love-hate relationship in my life

Last night Eric and I ran 4 miles. We started the run by going up this enormous hill. Seriously, huge! Don't believe me? If you have ever been downtown and have seen the GRCC campus-you know what hill I am talking about. UGH
As the saying goes, 'what goes up must come down.' And boy did we come down! Hospital hill people. I was flying. I almost started to flap my arms and see if I could take off. It was such a thrill! I felt like I was on a running high after that. I will be doing that again. Do you think I can get Eric to drop me off at the top of the hill so I can run down? No? We will see.
As you can imagine after last nights run, I LOVED running. I wanted to just keep going forever and ever.

Today...I hate running.
4.8 miles that felt like 7. HOT, HOT, HOT! No not the! Sweaty, smelly, dehydrated and all around gross. Eric biked along side me which helped but I didn't know if I was going to make it.
I better go hydrate because I have a date with my husband tonight and we're going to a concert at Founders!


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