Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Run run run

I am lacking motivation to run these days. I don't have any races coming up and since we are moving in two months, I don't want to sign up for anything. I know inshould just run because I love it but to be completely honest...I don't love love it. I enjoy it most of the the time but not enough to make me want to do it every minute of every day. I think finding somone to run with or a group would really help me to stay motivated and push myself farther. Also moving to a neighborhood with a cool place to run would be ideal. Right now the only places to run are down really busy streets and who wants to run along side cars that are passing you at 55mph?

Maybe I am just making a bunch of excuses but I just get frustrated with running sometimes. Thankfully Eric is there to help try and keep me motivated. We have a deal going right now- for every 4 miles I run, I get a 15 min back massage. 20 minutes for every 5 miles and 30+ minutes for every 6+ miles!!!! Now that's a deal! However tonight the rain washed out my hopes of a run. Maybe He will count 45 minutes of yoga as a run? :0) We'll see.


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