Friday, December 3, 2010

8 miles and a couple blisters



Yes, you read that right. My longest run to date ever. It felt really awesome actually. I think I could have kept running. However, mile 2-8 I started to get these really nasty blisters on my arch's. Ugh. By mile 6, I was running on the outsides of my feet to keep from hurting to  much and by mile 8, I was ready to take my shoes off and walk barefoot. It is only 40 degrees out, so that really wasn’t an option.

Other than the blisters, man I felt powerful and awesome. ha. I know 8 miles is really not a lot in the grand scheme of things but I am pretty proud of myself that I never walked. Not even once. I did stop twice to try and adjust my socks to see if it would help the situation but I jumped right back into running when I was done.

8m @ 9:46 average. I was shooting for 10min/mil average so not bad.

I’m off to go look for better socks!! Oh, we are going to see Horse Feathers in concert tonight and I’m so excited!

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