Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rain run

Today marks the first day I have run in the rain here in Portland. Seeing as how we have been here 4+ months, it's a miracle I haven't run in the rain before. There have definitely been rainy days that I was supposed to run, but I usually would either put it off until later in the day, move my route to the dredmill, or just not go. 'Oh, its raining...I'll just run later', was my go to answer. And most times, later just never happened.

So today, after wining and moaning to Eric via text how hard it was pouring, how I didn't have any rain clothes, how cold it was...I just told myself I was going to suck it up and go!

And go I did! 6 miles up the the trail head, partway down the trail and back. It seems I have done myself a disservice though. Now that I have actually gone out and done it...I can no longer use the excuse that it's raining.
Before. All nice and dry.
After. Notice the rain drop coming off my hat. I was completely soaked.

You know the best part? I really didn't hate running in the rain at all! Sure there was some not so pleasant stuff. Like the rain pelting you in the eyes, or the soggy socks, and who can forget the drip thats coming from your nose but you think it's just rain and you lick it away and find out that its not rain but runny boogers. Ugh.

But it's pretty exhilarating. And you feel extra hardcore during and after. Which, is really the best feeling of all.

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