Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside!

Dec 7 (2)

When I started running last year, it was the end of Feb/beginning of March. It was definitely still cold in MI, but being a new runner…I just threw on some sweatpants and went with it. Now since I have been running for a few months, I’m trying to gather more appropriate cold weather running gear. Problem is, I am very cheap. I do not want to pay $50+bucks for a pair of running tights. Insert heaven goodwill. Thankfully here in the NW, there are a lot of active people…and with active people comes lot’s of donated stuff to goodwill. Everything you see in this picture above is from goodwill. Minus my shoes. I recently scored two new to me pairs of running tights, and I am LOVING them. They make running on a cold day SO bearable. I no longer dread running outside in the cold because they keep my legs so warm. And also, I feel pretty hardcore running in them. I feel kinda like I’m a real runner or something.

BTW, I had the best lunch today.

Dec 7

what would I do without my ipod camera? ha. This is sautéed eggplant, carrots, g.beans, broccoli topped off with a delicious peanut butter sauce. Serious yum going on here.

I’m spending my day in our lil studio, listening to music, wrapping presents and just enjoying my home. 

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