Monday, December 13, 2010

Double digits!

Saturday I was scheduled to run 9 miles. It was so cold and rainy all day Saturday that I put my run off until Sunday. Well as life would have it, I did not get up early enough to run before church so it just didn't happen. Today was the day. I woke up early, grabbed a homemade clif bar, and was off. Then an hour and 40ish minutes later...this happened.

10 miles!! I knew going into the run that 9 was soo close to a double digit, and I have never run more than 9 miles in my life, so I really wanted to do 10 and hit that double. I cannot even tell you how proud I was of myself. I'm not boasting or bragging but back in February of this year, I couldn't even run 1 mile without stopping.

Now I am running 10 miles, and only stopping twice. Once at the half way point to eat some dried apricots and once at mile 8 to stretch my achy legs and do some quick yoga. This was a pretty big day for me...and I feel proud. =o)

OK, enough about that. The rest of the day consisted of relaxing and going grocery shopping. This vegan thing is getting so much easier. I loaded our grocery cart with fresh veggies, so I am excited to do some serious cooking this week. I bought two huge heads of red leaf lettuce, and it took us 20+minutes to cut, wash, dry and put it all away. haha. We will be eating some big salads this week.

BTW. I made this salad dressing and it is very very good. I was getting pretty fed up by store bought dressing so I'm really excited about this one.

And to end the day, I saw this.
Not bad at all.

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