Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We have been loving this new restaurant, Electric Eel.
They serve asian type foods. I don't want to classify them as Chinese or Thai because I'm not really sure where they fall into place...all I know it the food is out of this world good.
I love to get the vegetarian sushi. They have spicy asparagus and one called Killer Queen.
I'm also loving on their fried rice. You get to pick brown, white or black fried rice. It comes with three choices for sauce and then standard veggies. You can add on more vegetables if you want. I usually add on broccoli, bean sprouts and tofu!!!!
There are no words for how yummy this is. Oh my!!

If your looking for good food that isn't a chain restaurant and don't want that standard heavy chinese-go to this place. It will not let you down!

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