Monday, July 26, 2010


Oh boy I am a little stressed.
Currently I am sitting in the engineering building listening to Eric and his group argue/talk/figure out why their project isn't working.
I'm not even working on the project but I'm feeling the pressure. We need this project to work for Eric to graduate.
I know we will put our faith in God and it will work out...but boy is it stressful.

Other things---today was our last Monday working!! WAHOO! Just two more full days of work for me and three for Eric. I am SO, SO ready. I was ready back in May.

I haven't been running a lot lately. Mostly because I HATE (with a burning passion) the routes to run around our apartment. You don't understand this level of hate people. It boils down to menever running because I hate it so much and that's saying a lot because I really like to run!

Here is a breakfast I had the other day and it was so amazing. I loved every bite and I wish it would have lasted longer.

Flax Seeds
Small spoon for little bites (making it last as long as possible)
Two glorious eggs
All together with a sparking water and a cherry juice ice cube. YUMMO!
(no, I am not channeling Rachel Ray)

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