Thursday, July 15, 2010


There are just 21 days until we leave.
21 short days. Wasn't it just yesterday that there was over 40?
I feel like there is so much we should be doing-but there's really not.
We got rid of all of our furniture last Sunday. Well everything but our bed which is leaving on Saturday. We still have a ton of dishes that we will probably start giving away here this weekend. Mom? Want some dishes?
I am starting a pile in the old bedroom of things that we are taking. So far it's really big and I'm getting worried.
The major things we are taking on our trip are...three bikes, cello, guitar, violin, bike stand, kitchen aid and blender, air mattress, bike trainer, cooler (with food for the road trip) oh and more small kitchen things, tons of clothes, blankets, and lots of little pieces of...stuff.
All in a VW Jetta. No, I don't know how we are going to fit it all.

Two weeks and two days until my last day of work.

I feel like three and a half weeks is SO long. 21 LONG days-but I know it's going to fly by so fast.
I'm dreading the goodbyes. Ugh.

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