Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Another sweaty, sweaty five miles tonight.
Remember those photos I put up earlier from last nights run?
Oh they are seared onto your brain because of how gross they were?
My apologies.

Anyways take those photos you know the ones, and add more sweat to them. Got it?
My wonderful sweet pacer (Eric) ran into a gas station tonight to get me some water because we both didn't think about bringing some (duh!). While I stood there waiting for him, sweat was pouring out of my body. Literally. It was running down my legs in streams, dripping off of my chin, back of the thighs and pooling around my collar bones. Have I established the sweating yet?

And that was only after 2.5 miles. Ugh. It's so hot out. I ran along the path that they built next to the highway by our house, and we didn't go until about 9:15 which means we didn't get home until a little after 10 so it was pretty dark. The bad thing about the path is its kind of nestled in between the highway and the woods. I discovered tonight why I will never run that path again at night. I think a picture will work best to explain.What are those black things you ask? Oh just bugs. Stupid little black gnats. They were in my eyes, my mouth, my hair and of course on my chest. Towards the middle of my run I took my tank top off and just ran in my sports bra so I had them on my stomach and back. SO disgusting!!

Now that your never going to read this blog again because of all the sick photos I have been putting up, I am going to end this and go beg my husband for a leg massage. He really is the best.

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