Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm a big list maker.
I love having a piece of paper with all the things I need to do on it and being able to cross some of them off.
Here is a short list of things we need to do in these next three weeks.
1. Cancel internet, netflix
2. Forward mail to new address!
3.Plan going away party that is in two little weeks
4. Repack big boxes for shipping stuff
5. Go through kitchen things and ELIMINATE
6. Finish working! Wahoo!
7. Figure out what we are doing with huge stereo
8. Eat up all of our huge amounts of grains/lentils/beans/frozen stuff
9. Clean apartment so we can get our security deposit back
10. Try to decide what art we are taking/leaving/giving away/throwing out
11. Try not to break down crying every time I think about moving away from my family
12. Try to enjoy these last few weeks

There are SO many more little things not on that list. It's almost intimidating. Three weeks to this day we are leaving. Whew.
Off to work I go!

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