Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alone in the park

Wow so much changes in so little time.

To make a SO long story short. Eric had to fly back to MI tonight from Salt Lake City because his professor did a 180 on a decision that he had previously made and told Eric late last night that he needed to be back in MI ASAP. Since we were already 13 hours out of MI and had all of our hotels pre-paid and booked we made the decision to have Eric fly out of Utah when we got here and I would continue on with the drive.

The main reason this sucks is because we were planning on celebrating our anniversary tomorrow-since it is tomorrow-in Park City where our hotel is. We were going to do an amazing zipline, mountain sled, sightseeing and go to a really nice dinner. Instead, I am sitting alone in our hotel room trying not to cry. This is where I start to have a pity party so hold on to your hats.

I really, really feel alone right now. I know this is not Eric or my fault. We had no idea his professor would do this to us, we had no idea that the situation would go down like this. But because of how it all worked out..we are out $1,000 for a plane ticket that we really didn't have and I am having to drive by myself to Portland on Tuesday. That's 13 hours folks.

We have no idea when Eric will be able to meet me. We are hoping Tuesday night but it all depends on when the project he was working on gets done and the only reason it's not done is because we are waiting on ONE guy to finish it. There is nothing Eric can do but wait which means there is nothing I can do but wait. In the mean time we have an appointment with our apartment guy for Wed to sign the documents and get the keys and I don't know if he will let me get them or if Eric has to be there. And even if Eric doesn't, I will have nothing to sleep on while I wait for him to get back so we can go buy furniture.

Everything is a mess and I am just trying to pray and pray and pray. I don't know why this all happened and it would be so easy to blame God for this but He must have a plan? Maybe this is a test of faith or patience or something. I need to think there is some reason for all of this. I'm just so sad and I want Eric to come back and I want things to go like we planned. I don't want to be alone.

Pity party over. I'm going to try and sleep for 15 hours+. I havn't had more than 5 hours of sleep at a time in a really, really long time. Please pray for me, Eric and the guy working on the cabinet.

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  1. Meg! I'm so sorry! I saw Eric's tweet, and I was really confused. This is awful, and very unprofessional on the part of Eric's professor. I hope this gets resolved soon! Please, let me know if there's anything I can do.

    When this whole thing blows over, Eric should send a formal complaint in a letter to the head of the department, and send a copy to his professor and the office of the provost. The University should know about and discourage such unprofessional behavior amongst its faculty, and establish policy for graduation requirements pertaining to Senior Projects.