Monday, August 30, 2010

I live in Portland

I am having to remind myself that everyday.
It still feels very much like a vacation but hopefully that will change once we find work.

James left yesterday and both Eric and I were talking about how it felt like our security blanket was leaving. Now we are really on our own. It's pretty scary.

One thing I am constantly having to tell myself is that things are going to be awkward. See, I'm not one to jump at the chance to be put into an awkward situation. But as I am learning, and I knew it would be this way...almost everything is going to be awkward at first. It's just how it goes. First time at a new store, figuring out the bus system, meeting people, job interviews...awkward, awkward, awkward. Surprisingly, I'm ok with that. I really dont mind feeling out of place. I know the feeling will go away with time.

Speaking of out of place. I need a makeover. I look like I'm from the midwest.
Oh wait. I am from the midwest.
Help me.

So yesterday after James left, Eric and I tried to clean up our apartment. ha.
Then we left to go to this biketobeerfest. It's basically a beer/music/bike festival.
It was really nice out, and the music was surprisingly good.
We had signed up to volunteer a couple days before so we were working the 9-11pm shift. Basically just packing everything up. I took a couple photos but my computer is dumb and won't let me upload them properly. Here is the only good one.

We also visited Mt. Tabor which is not a mountain as much as a big, big hill. A hill that we lovingly climbed up.
Ummm..yeah about that. I'm out of shape. fyi.

Came home LATE last night (130am! ah! waaay past my bedtime) and promptly crashed until about 945 this morning. We really, really wanted to go visit one of the churches here, but I think we needed the sleep. Kind of a recharge before this week begins. Can't wait to check out the church next Sunday. I'm ready to belong to a congregation again.

After a slow morning, we headed out to the local farmers market. BTW, there happens to be a market everyday of the week.
Portland is awesome.
I'm just saying..

Again I took a couple photos but dumb computer mixed with dumb is what you get..

This evening was filled with a long trip to Walmart to get a sauce pot (which they didn't have. I hate Walmart.) and we went down to the bookstore and WHOLEFOODS. (I LOVE wholefoods)

Whoa long post. Sorry about that.
Tomorrow-meeting with the Culinary School. I am so excited.

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