Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My apartment.

Is very small.
But VERY wonderful.
I love it so much.
I am so excited to get furniture in here.

Speaking of which.
I went to Ikea today. I was so excited to go in. BUT, once I got inside...I got overwhelmed.
VERY overwhelmed. The plan was for my to go in, look at things, text Eric picture of sheets and bedding and cushions and shower curtains and all that fun stuff.
Well then I had ZERO service in the store. Yeah, wonderful. When I couldn't get a hold of Eric, I started to get freaked out at all the different choices. Realized I am NOT a decorator and I in fact usually have bad taste. Started to cry. (yup proud of that one) AND I promptly left Ikea.

Here's the deal.
People keep telling me I am a strong woman. They say that I can do things. Lots of things. ANYTHING.
But lately...ok for the past two days. I have gotten so overwelmed with things that I feel like I just can't take it.
Where is this strong woman people seem to think I am? I feel like one minute I have it under control. Then the next I snap and am a crying mess on the floor.

Like today. I met the guy for our apartment. Got the keys. Made 8,000 trips up the stairs. No, really I did. Do you know how much stuff we fit into our car??
Then since I was feeling all powerful, I decided I could handle Ikea alone-aaannnddd you know the rest of the story.
On top of things-> meltdown on the floor of Ikea.
(ok, I didn't fall to the floor but it was close)

Two more days. That's what I keep telling myself. Eric will be here on Saturday and everything will be fine. People of the world (all five of you that read my blog) please realize the important people in your lives. When they are not there, you might just fall apart.

Tomorrow. Ah tomorrow. Who know's what I will end up doing. Probably cry sometime.
But you know what. Tomorrow I will worry about tomorrow. For now, I am just glad I have a place to rest my boots.

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  1. Here are some stories to keep you tied over until tomorrow morning :)

    I asked Drew (and Eric) to look at our weed-wacker so I could use it, it wouldn't start for me. So they changed the gas, and put new gas in it, an then sat there playing with it for like 5 minutes, trying to get the engine started. So then, they go, oh. maybe we should read the instructions, then this is essentially the conversation that went on...

    Drew: "What? There are instructions?"
    Eric: "Yeah, they're right here on the handle"
    D: "What? Why are they on the handle? That's a stupid place for instructions"
    E: "I don't know, but look, it says start with "A" then go to "B" and "C". Well, that makes sense, why would we be starting with "C""
    D: "So move it to A"

    Unfortunately, I only got a picture of when they actually got it started, I was going inside to get the camera so I could take pictures of their failed attempt to start the motor; by the time I got back outside, they found the instructions.

    Anyway, then we ate dinner, and then when Eric was going to leave this is the super nerdy test I issued...

    Danielle: "Okay, you just have to answer a question before you can leave"
    Eric: "Okay, ask it."
    Danielle: "What is the derivative of x^2 + 2x?"
    Eric: "I don't know, I don't know what the square root is."
    Drew: "What do you need to do the square root for? Its a derivative."
    Eric: "Oh, I thought you said the square root"
    Drew: "Its 2x + 2"
    Eric: "Well.... I know the integral is x^3/3"

    Anywhos, I hope you're having a great time in Portland. I'm super jealous that you're there, and hang tight, a lot of great things are coming your way, I can feel it :)