Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The countdown!

I have been absent because I have been wrapping things up here. We leave on Friday night and there is a lot to do! I'm getting so excited though, I can hardly stand it.
Eric signs off his project tomorrow and then we are going to be spending the ENTIRE day cleaning and packing the car.
Thursday will be filled with Eric cleaning the engineering building and me heading to Muskegon to see my grandmother one last time. Then we are meeting his family for dinner and trying to get a good nights sleep.
Friday's the day! Basically I will be finishing up last minute things around the apartment (taking shower curtain, dishes, towels to Goodwill) Eric will be downtown all day doing many multiple things. Then he graduates at 6 and we leave after that.

I'm getting nervous just thinking about it. Two days! AHH. There is so much to do...I'm trying not to think about it all-one thing at a time.

Here are a couple photos for you from the weekend!

I will be absent prob for a while seeing as how we don't have internet at the house anymore.
I'll try to update when I can!

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