Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am starting to feel like that is all I do these days.

We are downtown waiting for the clock to strike noon.
Eric's in with his teammates finishing up last minute things and I am sitting out in the lobby repeating the same prayer..." Please God, please God, please God..."

I have not touched or worked on this project but nonetheless I feel like it's my baby to. I'm so anxious for this to be the day, that I can hardly sit still.
Kind of wishing I would have brought my running shoes back with me. Anything to take the stress off.

45 more minutes and we will know either way. I'm trying to remind myself that it's ok if they don't get signed off today. We can handle it. But I feel like I am trying to trick myself into believing that.


Kind of. They have an ok from the professor but they have to meet again with him and the sponsor tomorrow or Friday.
I guess when I am taking away from today is that they have a conditional sign off. As long as it looks good for when the sponsor comes in.

Problem is James will be in Portland tomorrow and I can pretty much guarantee neither of us wants to do much without Eric. AND I have that appointment on Friday with the school.
There can't ever be one good thing without another bad thing happening can there?

I don't know if I should be excited or sad. Blah.

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