Tuesday, August 31, 2010


These are photos from the other day when we were hiking up Mt. Tabor.

Today Eric and I took a LONG bus ride+train ride out to an engineering firm that was hiring. Eric just ran in and dropped off his resume, and then we hiked it back home.

I think we walk at LEAST 6 miles a day. I can really feel it in my legs and since we are on the go everyday I feel kind of like there is no time for them to bounce back.
Oh well. I am hoping the whole 'walk 2 miles to your destination' thing gets easier. Or at least I get more used to it.
The bus system is so much nicer but there is always some walking that has to be done.

Eric also applied to Nike, and is in the process of applying to another company looking for an engineer. We are praying one of these jobs pans through.

I have an interview on Thursday for a food intern at this new restaurant.
Unfortunately it's a unpaid internship, but
I am going to go to the interview anyways and just see exactly what the job is about.

It's 6:45 at night and I'm ready for bed. haha.
We are off to try and find me some black dress pants.
You would think with all the clothes I have, that I would have lots of dress pants. Yeah, not so.

Here we go..

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