Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quick Update

We are in York NE.

We left last night around 9ish? And drove until about 1230 when I could NOT keep my eyes open any longer-Eric was already asleep. We camped out at a rest stop along with 8+ other cars, and we slept until about 430. It was Eric's turn to drive then and he drove for about 2 hours before I took over and he went back to sleep. ha. Poor guy, so sleepy.

We stopped for a quick bagel at Panera and arrived in York by 1245. Back news is the hotel we are staying at doesn't have any clean rooms yet and the girl was pretty set on us not checking in until 3. So much for getting to a hotel early to sleep.

SO we are sitting in Starbucks in York because that is ALL there is here. ha. I even asked the girl at the hotel what there was to do and she said...'oh there's a walmart across the highway.' bahahah.

We are planning on leaving bright and early tomorrow so that we have time to stop in Wyoming if we so choose. Pray for more safe travels!

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