Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The meeting with the Culinary School went pretty well.
Bad news, I can't get enough in loans to cover the entire balance for this year.
I guess Eric and I made to much money last year?
Someone want to tell me where that money is??

So I have to take out a private loan through SallieMae or something.
Not really excited about that.
Higher interest rates, have to get a co-signer, and more, more, more debt.
I really want to go to school though so I guess it's a trade I'm ok taking?

We toured the school and I am SO intimidated by everything.
They had three professional kitchens.
One for first year, second and third.
All the students looked very hardcore and knowledgeable, but the teachers/chefs seemed really nice.
They said you have two hours of class everyday followed up by three hours in the kitchen. You can come early or stay late to practice things you learned that day or need to know better.

THEN we had lunch at their restaurant which was superb.
Salad, bread, entrée, desert.
All free and all delicious.

So pending my decision with this private loan, it looks like I will begin in October.

Oh, I *hope* they are going to help me get a job.
I talked to the admission counselor and told her that I was looking for a job in a restaurant and she asked me to send over my resume and she would pass it onto career services.
I'm praying they can put me somewhere.
I just want to learn everything, so I will take a job as a dishwasher if I have to!

Speaking of jobs-Eric is starting to apply everywhere like crazy so please, please keep him/us in your prayers. We need work!

I will leave you with a photo of yummy Fro Yo!
What is fro yo? It's frozen yogurt of course. We went to this awesome store where you self serve your fro yo and ad as many toppings as you want, (the have 30 options!) and then you pay by the ounce. YUM and so dangerous.

I had original tart, pomegranate and raspberry yogurt topped with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gummy bears and granola. AH YUM!
Eric had tart and chocolate yogurt topped with coconut, peanuts, almonds and peanut butter cups.

That is all. Goodnight.

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