Friday, September 10, 2010

3 Things

Here are three things I have learned since moving to Portland, just two short weeks ago!

1. Be prepared. Just because it's semi-sunny out right now does not mean the skies won't open up and you will be caught in a rain storm. Or even if the weather website says no's going to rain. After walking two miles in a downpour you will never again forget to grab your raincoat before you head out.

2. You will get rejected. So what if you applied to 5 positions at various Whole Foods. So did three hundred other people and they don't want you. Don't take it personally. Just buck up, get your walking shoes on and put a new meaning to 'Pounding the Pavement'.

3. Get used to the idea of walking. Today alone I have walked over 7 miles. It's what you do. When you are to cheap to buy a bus pass, and you don't want to get all sweaty from walk. Expect to get in great shape and thank your Father above that you have two working legs.

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