Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interview, Thai Food and the Bible

Eric had an in-person interview today with a company out in Tigard OR.
That's about an hour by bus or less if you bike it.
He said it went really well. He is in competition with roughly 5 other guys-two of them already being in the company, they just want to move to a new department.
We are trying so very hard to not get our hopes up.
I don't want to talk about things we will do once he has the job, because if it's not God's will for him to get it...well, then he won't get it. I really don't like to get my hopes up and then be crushed. But then again, who does?
I just hope for Eric's sake, that he doesn't hurt to much if they decide to hire someone else.

For now we are just praying, if this is what's right...then let him get the job. If not, let us be ok with it and hopefully we will find another one.
I cannot tell you how much I want to work.
I am really, really tired of sitting in my apartment looking online for jobs, or walking around hoping I see a Help Wanted sign.
When all you do all day is surf the internet, walk around, and run or's really easy to get LAZY. I am finding myself just wanting to curl up in bed and sleep the day away

But enough about that. Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We can always use it!

Today we splurged a little and had an AMAZING lunch at one of the 500+food carts that are in the city.
I told Eric I was in the mood for some Thai food. The last Thai food I had was pretty gross and left me desiring more. He googled (which is what he does best!) and found us a top rated Thai food cart. I got something I cannot pronounce but it was basically spicy noodles, and Eric got the Chef's combo.

This was the BEST Thai food I have EVER had. I am not kidding you. My noodles were really spicy-actually so much so that I had to stop eating and let my mouth cool back down, but besides that...the flavors spot on. And Eric's combo was to die for. When family comes to visit, this is the first place we are taking them!

One more thing. We started attending LIFE group at the Schads house this week. For those of you in the know, the Schads are the Hagermans relatives. Yes, it is a small world. Anyways, we are going to start going to their group on Wed nights and last night we had so much fun. Such a wonderful group of people. In fact, the whole SW Church has been really amazing. Both Sunday's we've attended, members have taken us out to lunch and we have met some sweet, kind people.
Back to LIFE group. The theme of our group for this fall is, New Beginnings. So appropriate seeing as how almost everyone in the group is going through some kind of new chapter in their life. Whether it be from a move, or empty nester's or new job. I think we are going to really enjoy getting to know the people that go to the group and they even do service projects which is so exciting to me!
BTW, the Schad's house is absolutely gorgeous. I'm pretty sure their kitchen is bigger than our entire apartment! I wonder if I can convince her to let me cook in it.....wahahaha. ;o)
(if we didn't love the group so much, we would go just to see the awesome views from their great room!..j.k....but seriously)

OK. Tomorrow is Friday and our third week here. Wow. It feels like so much longer but so much shorter at the same time. This was a super long post but I guess that's what happens when your to lazy to post more than once every couple of days.

Thanks for reading! Night!


  1. It does seem longer than 3 weeks. We will, of course, be praying for Eric's job and a job for you. I'm so glad you are enjoying your small group. How many people are in it?

    Dad's over on the next computer writing to you, too. Let's see whose message you get first =).

    We're enjoying our last day here. After this library, we're headed to a copper mine for a tour. Then we're going to drive back up the coast on the east side. Yesterday we discovered a beach made up of only black sand. I think it was probably iron ore. Anyway, it stretched for miles. I took a couple of pictures and will post them when we get home.

    Okay, I'm going to end this but I think Dad is posting his first. Darn! Hee hee, he's not sure how to end the post so mine may stillbe first. No competition here!

  2. Hey, Pretty Girl! Couldn't wait to get to the library to read your update. I appreciate your perserverence! If this is not the job that means something is waiting for the right time. If it is forced, it probably will not be a good job. I have done that and regretted it greatly. I am very pleased to hear about your small group. That will help you survive this waiting period. Sorry about the school thing but that too is about timing and waiting for your financial house to be in order. Worse thing would be to force it and have to quit later because of finances. Be mindful of supporting your husband with kind words and expressing your belief in him no matter what. Remember, there is no time limit to a new beginning. It is in God's hand when you can "move on" to the next step.
    Love you, sweetheart and have total faith and confidence in both you and Eric that you will be faithful till the time is right.
    We will be back in cell range tomorrow sometime. If you hear anything, give us a call. Otherwise we will talk on Sunday night.