Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When your not working and not applying for jobs, what else is there to do?
Oh I know! Workout!
But seriously, I have done a bad job of getting in my runs on a daily basis. That's something I am hoping to change...
I'm going to be running The Holiday Half in December.
Well, that is if it doesn't fill up before I can afford the entrance fee.

I know I have a LONG time till December, and plenty of time to train, but I am hoping to get under a 1 hour 50 minute finish time. That means not only do I need to train for 13.1 miles, but a fast 13.1 miles.

Might as well get a jump on my training while I have nothing else to do.

Today we decided to bike over to a place that I applied at, so I could talk face to face with the HR person and see if I could beg my way into a job.
Yeah, that didn't work out so well, but I did talk to her and she said she would keep me in mind.
Anyways we ended up biking 10ish miles round trip and decided to come home and change clothes (I biked 10 miles in a skirt!) and head out for a trail run.
We (well me really, but I'm dragging Eric along) are trying to do one longish run a week along with a couple normal length runs, speed work, hill training, and cross training.
Today ended up being our long run. We ran 7.4 miles total.
2.5 miles to the trail head
3.5 miles on the trail
1.4 miles home

whoops, sorry about the yelling.
I really am though.
It is a killer on the legs.
A killer.
But it is so much fun. Mentally stimulating because your having to watch out for stupid little ruts in the ground, but you also get to take in the absolutely gorgeous scenery.
It is really hard though because it's a lot of up, down, around, up, up, up, up, dooooown, down rocks, up rocks...ok, ok, you get the idea.
I think training on the trail is going to be a great way to train.

I can really feel it in my legs. To much exercise today!
Dinner's on and then I'm off to do laundry and crash. I think I will sleep good tonight!

(that's me running the trail today!)

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  1. Clearly Eric didn't want to be anywhere near you in that last picture.