Monday, September 13, 2010

This week is the week

Well, at least I hope so.
Trying to fill my brain with positive thoughts!

The job Eric has been wanting to apply for finally came online today so he is working all afternoon on filling out the questionnaire. It's a lot of questions!!

Really, no other news on the job front. Just waiting and looking and applying whenever we see something. It sure would be a lot easier to get a job if I had a major in something but I knew that...and it was the right thing to have Eric finish up his degree and have me work.

Saturday we volunteered at another biking event and had a really good time!
Free food, t-shirts, beer and pint glasses also helped!

And today I came across an ad for the 'Run like hello' half-marathon, 5 and 10k.
I think I am going to sign up for the 10k at least. I've really lost muscle since we moved and I would looove to do the half, but the race is in a month and I don't know if I can get ready for it by then.

I think Eric's almost done and then it's grocery shopping time! Btw, the groceries here are so much more than GR. It's hard to get my mind around the idea of spending lot's more for just two people. The farmers markets are also a lot more as well.
Because of that, we have been eating maybe not as well as we did in MI. Still trying to make everything but we have been eating a few more processed foods. I can totally tell a difference. Yesterday I had a terrible headache. I was basically done for the day at 3pm. We came back to the house and I slept on and off for the rest of the day/night. A priority this week is getting back to the organic, make everything ourselves meals. It may take more time, and dirty more dishes but it's totally worth it to not have headaches.

I'm off!

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